Dance With Me!

Written by:  Bella’s Biggest Fan


When my daughter Bella was born prematurely 14 years ago so did the labels begin.

Doctors see diagnosis conditions and limitations. First was, if she survives, she may not be able to ever walk, or talk with limited intelligence.

In the beginning the labels bothered and aggrieved me. As Bella got older, as a special needs super mom, I worked hard finding therapies and diets to diminish the labels given to her, such as autistic, verbal, cerebral palsy, brain injury, developmentally delayed.

When I stopped trying to fix what everyone was saying was wrong with my baby, I truly saw Bella was special, not because of her clinical labels but because she showed me what joy and living your best life really was.

When Bella was five, she hated the leg braces she had to wear in order to walk “ right”. The orthopedics Dr told us that she can’t run in it, but at least she can walk. She looked at him and smiled and laughed, as is her way about everything, but this time she stood up and danced. Every mouth in the room dropped to the floor, speechless at what we were witnessing. Soon everyone joined in her joy and laughter and started dancing too.

After that day, I knew mom and daughter would be fine!! She would guide me and I would be her biggest fan and protector, as she lives against the odds and unaware of the world’s labels and limitations placed on her.

At 14 she’s still dancing and laughing.. giving anyone near her a reason to want to smile and laugh along with her.


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